Who we are:

Leclair Decor is an Ottawa-based interior decorating firm founded and co-owned by husband and wife team Sacha and Melissa Leclair. After love and marriage -but slightly before the baby carriage- we bought our first house and got to work revamping it from top to bottom. Through the process of working together to transform our house into a home, we fell in love again – this time with the art of decorating interior spaces. After sharing photos of our progress and final product online, we immediately received requests from friends and acquaintances to guide them in revitalizing their own condos and houses. Voila! Leclair Decor was born.

What we do:

Our specialties are home decorating, home staging, and design consulting, which are provided to our clients through one-time consultations or more comprehensive project management services. Often times our clients are young, vibrant homeowners who want to create a beautiful space without breaking the bank. We always appreciate the chance to splurge on beautiful authentic pieces, but high style does not always have to come at a high cost. Guiding our clients on where to spend and where to save is one of our fortes.

What sets us apart:

We absolutely love what we do! Nothing brings us greater satisfaction than the moment we get to reveal a newly beautified space to our clients. From the moment we sit down with a new client to the final day of installation, we’re excited about the project and work hard to share that excitement through strong communication and collaboration with the homeowner. We are young, energetic, outgoing and make a point of combining emerging trends with classic design principles to create beautiful, modern spaces.

The Team:

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Melissa Leclair 

Decorator / Co-owner


Melissa is an interior decorator, colour consultant, and certified home stager.  She has extensive experience in the home decor industry, having managed a local decor centre for many years before starting Leclair Decor, and uses her expertise daily to create innovative design plans for clients. She is an adoring mom to baby Hugo, and loves spending her time off exploring the outdoors with her family. Mel’s signature style: “Modern rustic: Clean lines with a hint of warmth!”

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Sacha Leclair

Creative Director / Online Shoppe Manager / Co-owner


Sacha is our creative powerhouse. With a background in graphic design and marketing, he always brings a contemporary edge to clients looking for something unique but timeless. He is an avid amateur photographer when not spending time with his two main loves: the business and the family. He also loves to hike and ski, and his appreciation for the outdoors is often apparent in his design.


Grace Doyle

Decorator / Consult Manager


With a background in the arts and program development, Grace is equal parts creative and organized. As a decorator, this translates to an intuitive sense of style and impressive attention to detail; clients appreciate her strong communication skills and adaptability. She is fascinated by how people live, and loves to travel and play outside. The perfect room: “inspires and comforts at the same time. It looks like a haute couture gown but feels like flannel pyjamas.”