Our Nursery


When we found out we were expecting in June, we had already put a plan in motion to merge our home offices to eventually make way for a nursery. After the excitement of the big news we kicked it into high gear!

First off we painted the room a crisp white to contrast from the past 2 tone dark office colours. Our amazing painter Carolyn from Roll Her Sleeves then traced out and painted our vision for the mural. At first we wanted to go very minimal but after looking at it for a few weeks, we asked her to come back and add a forefront layer of grey mountains, details in the peaks and the yellow sun.

During that time the search for the perfect modern crib was on. We found the Hudson model from Babyletto which we loved from one of our suppliers in the states but after duties and shipping it ended up being more practical to buy it here in town.

At the Artemano opening we hosted in November, we connected with Jonathan from Obasan mattresses. He graciously offered to supply us with one of their locally made high quality mattresses. We can’t wait for our baby boy to sleep on it!

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Our rocking chair has quite the story behind it. We originally found it for $8 ( yes eight ) dollars last spring. We weren’t sure at the time where and how we were going to use it so we had stored it in one of the garages where we were keeping furniture for an ongoing model home project. One morning we arrived and noticed the chair was missing. We made a call to our construction contact and he relayed the message. Next thing we know a worker was jumping in the garbage bins across the street. They had believed the chair was to be thrown away. Although a bit dusty it was recovered in decent shape. A few months passed and we started entertaining the idea of using it as our rocker. We asked Melissa’s dad if he would be interested in converting it to a rocker for us, and always up for a challenge he accepted and came through big time! At least was the task of reupholstering. We kind of liked the fun bright orange it was but decided to keep it safe with a nice grey material.


After trying numerous curtains ( we lost count ) we finally settled on a old fav, the west elm chevrons. As well, 3 or 4 rugs were attempted until we tried the yellow rug from Urban Barn and instantly knew that was the one.

We slid a couple small Ikea hacks in there. We wrapped an inexpensive floor lamp with rope to give it a different look ( and hide the silver since everything is brass ) and spray painted the shelf hinges to match the rest of the finishes.

One of our favorite details is the badger doll we picked up at ABC home in New York City. That little guy brings in so much character. All in all we love how it turned out! Hopefully our little boy loves it as well! 2 more weeks until he arrives!














Our day at Structube HQ


Over the past few years, Structube has been one of our favourite furniture sources. The Montreal based brand always hits the mark with style, price point, quality and availability.

After seeing photos of our work using their products, they invited us to their head office to give us a behind the scenes tour, meet their team and film a video interview discussing the ins and outs of our business.

Upon arriving we were greeted by Joy and Tony from marketing and then promptly met Jeremy, their director of strategy who gave us a tour of their uber clean and modern warehouse. After that we made our way to the other side of the building where the mock up store, marketing team and photo studio are housed.

We were really impressed how innovative, genuine, young and dare we say “hip” everyone was. Not what some people would imagine a large furniture company head office to be like.

After meeting the rest of their marketing team we had croissants and donuts with Viviane, one of the family owners and Janika, their director of retail. We had great conversations about furniture trends and the way the industry is heading.

We then got a tour of their impressive photo studio and previewed their upcoming releases, all of which we were really impressed by! Jeremy also showed us some prototypes of condo furniture, one of which was a coffee table that transformed into a dining table.

After being treated to a tasty lunch, we started getting ready for our video interviews with a professional tv make up artist. Definitely a first for us! The video team then set up and we filmed the interview discussing how we started Leclair decor, what we love about Ottawa and how our process works. It will all be part of a promo for the new Structube store opening at Lansdown park! We’ll also be there at the store opening acting as brand ambassadors and giving free consultations and decorating advice.

Overall we had an unbelievable day and were genuinely humbled by their hospitality and excitement on collaborating with us.

Thank you Structube for having us! Stay tuned for more photos and videos coming soon!

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