Sacha Leclair Art for sale!

In the past year we’ve produced many art pieces for our interior design projects. In 2013 we are planning to start making the art prints available for everyone to purchase. This “Cali Blend” is the first of many more to come! Limited edition of 5 with 2 remaining. E-mail us if interested!


White Walls

Living room



White walls are no longer just for art galleries, they are seen in a lot of very modern and contemporary homes, usually paired with warm wood tones and grey, with subtle or loud pops of colour. There is a trick to it however, you can’t just paint any old room white and expect it to appear in House & Home Magazine. Having a lack of colour on your walls leaves your eyes free to wander around the room and pick up on things that may have been overlooked before. The furniture, floors, décor may now contrast drastically with the wall.

Your floors are the second largest area other than the walls so rest assured they will be noticed, make sure they are something you want guest to see. Layering is the key to bring a room together and making it feel cozy and complete. In a living room for example there are many different pieces that come together to help complete the space. An area rug, accent pillows, curtains, vases, books, lighting and accessories are all key things. So layering the white in the space is essential.


Living room update!

After having our living room set up for around 2 years now we felt it time for a little change. We used our original “red mountains” pictures in a project and ended up selling them to the client so we had to make new art. The red and orange colour scheme was great but we decided to go even more neutral with a bold “L” to represent you know what and a fun art edit on the right using pictures we recently took of our trip to Yosemite, California. The new large Ikea FJÄLLSTA frames are great. Over the past while we also collected the vintage phone (we don’t even have a land line), the white geometric bowl and switched out one of the lamps for a vintage gold piece we found on Queen st in Toronto. We switched out our old bamboo sticks for real birch branches for more texture. Overall a more collected look. The chair is most likely on the outs but we haven’t found the right replacement yet so for now it stays!

What’s inspiring us Vol. 3

As you might notice, we still love the bold black and white contrasts accompanied with soft neutrals and natural materials.This is really the look and feel we are truly into!

We recently sold our “red mountain” prints to a client and our living room wall has been vacant ever since. We’re currently drafting up some new art and taking some inspiration for the shot above! Stay tuned for some updated shots of our own living room!

Kitchens we love

We are in the midst of fun residential project right now and one of our challenges is a makeover of a 90′s country kitchen. The rest of the house will have a very modern feel, but completely re-doing the kitchen to match wasn’t in the budget. With new floors, painting the existing cabinets, replacing all lighting, building a custom bench and a new counter, we are really confident it’s going to turn out great! Here are a few of inspiration shots that inspired us.