We provide a number of options to accommodate all decor needs -

Colour Consultation – $85/hr +hst

Provide suggestions for interior and exterior paint colours. It includes a 1-2 hour consultation, where we work with you to come up with a wonderful colour palette that will compliment your home. Usually just takes one hour, but can take more depending on the size of the home and number of desired colours. Then a report is emailed with all suggestions listed.

Payment is taken at the end of the in-home visit. Cash or cheque is acceptable.

Home Staging Consultation – $95/hr +hst

Preparing a home for the real estate market. This consists of a 1-2 hour consult in the home depending on the size and state of the house. A full detailed report is then emailed. The report includes specifics on how to  address each space- what to remove, keep & add. Pictures are added for guidance and links to specific items to purchase if needed.

Payment is taken at the end of the in-home visit. Cash or cheque is acceptable.

One Time 2 + 2 hr Full Decorating Consultation - $199 +hst

One to Two hours are spent in the home gathering information, pictures and measurements if needed, with an additional two or more hours spent in the office writing up the report.
Report includes pictures, links to specific items, colours chosen, and suggestions made in terms of layout and how to decorate each room. This gives you a place to start and guide you in decorating your home yourself!

Payment is taken at the end of the in-home visit. Cash or cheque is acceptable.

Full Decorating Consult and In-home Designing – $199 + hst   (+Quote)
-Quote provided in presentation for additional work needed

The 2 + 2 hr decor consult as described above is performed and instead of a report, a presentation and proposal are shown at a second meeting. Ideas, pictures, layouts and decor suggestions, as well as an estimated budget and time needed are provided. All elements of the project are viewed and confirmed by the client. Then you have the option: we can take on the project solely or we can work along side you in picking up, purchasing  and putting together items depending on how involved you want to be in the project.

If you would like a quote first please send us an email including the scope of the project, an overview and your design style. We’ll be more than pleased to review the project, and get in touch with you as soon as possible for a quote.

Payment is taken at the end of the in-home visit. Cash or cheque is acceptable.


Phone: 613-868-0172 (Melissa) – 613-299-6737 (Sacha)

2 thoughts on “Services

  1. Hi My name is Kirby,
    I just stumbled across your profile on houzz and followed the link to your website. Looks fabulous! I only wish you were located in Medicine hat. You have the same taste as my partner and I. Wondering if there is a way we could consult long distance to come up with ideas for my dinning room. I am on houzz as well (Kirb) and I uploaded on my profile pics of our recent reno on the site. My dinning room furniture dose not fit in well in our new space.

    Anyway If you would like to check out my profile perhaps we could consult to come up with ideas? and cult fees.

    Thank you in advance

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