Home for Two in Sweden: Hakansson Tegman House

Located in Holviken, South of Malmo, where recently vacation homes turned into permanent residences, the Hakansson Tegman House is connected to the world by roads to the north and west and “angled around an inner garden and, much like the Bergman Werntoft house, rests on the tradition of the Danish atrium house from the 60s and 70s“. Interiors basked in natural light are protected by wooden screens that filter the light that floods each space. Three small bedrooms are located in the northern wing of the house and the other living spaces unwind in a carefully selected sequence: kitchen, dining room, library, living area, and winter garden. Describing the exterior appearance of the house, the architects say: “The outer walls of the house are clad with Pedersen clay bricks, working as a screen. The structure is a steel-enforced timber frame. Windows and sliding doors are made from Schuco aluminium profiles. The front and garage doors are custom made from ammonium smoked oak“. The family living in this one storey residence is a middle-aged couple whose children have moved away, so they needed a place to entertain and enjoy their newly acquired couple time together. It seems that Johan Sundberg did a great job, don’t you think?

Found: www.freshhome.com


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