We.. are.. up!

After some serious tinkering, photo editing and general un-decidedness, we’ve finally launched our site! Make sure to click on the home tour and don’t forget to look into the older pages. We made sure to add content before we launched. Hope we leave you feeling inspired! Feel free to leave us any feedback..

Sacha & Melissa

5 thoughts on “We.. are.. up!

    1. Hi Sonia ,
      The living room coffee table is from Structube and the family room one is from an antique shop on Bank st.
      Thank you !

  1. Hi..I am from Malaysia and find the colour of the wall of your home ,with the white doors. very interesting. May I know what colour is that?

    1. Hi ,
      Yes the wall colour is Benjamin Moore’s AF-685 Thunder. I love it, it goes with everything.
      Thank you,

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