Bold hit of gold Stockholm apartment

It took me a while, but I think I’m warming up to the idea of using gold again. Love the bold use of it as a back splash in this Swedish apartment. Maybe I was onto something when I procrastinated on changing our gold door handles?

“Welcome to a spacious, modern apartment that despite its Scandinavian origins, seems sprung out a New York interior design magazine. This generous loft found on PerJansson and located in Stockholm, Sweden, was renovated and re-designed by architect Daniel NystrΓΆm. Its present appearance is tasteful and inspiring, which is why we decided to showcase it on Freshome. The apartment has no less than 700 square feet and is structured as follows: an open plan living room with dining and kitchen area, a transparent bedroom, a large hallway, dressing room and two bathrooms. The layout approach is daring, as the architect decided to go for an open, connected space, welcoming socializing. However, the living, kitchen and bedroom areas are cleverly delimited through the use of colors, textures and glass accordingly. Floor to ceiling windows ensure a large degree of natural light inside the loft. Do you appreciate the layout of the apartment, or would you go for something more private?”

via freshome

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