Ogilvie Condo

Alright, here it finally is! Our first hired project as Leclair Decor, The Ogilvie Condo!

After purchasing his first home our client decided that he needed a new start. Out went the miss-matched college furniture and in we came with a vision for this young professional.

Only 1 piece (his sofa) in the entire condo was kept from his previous apartment, so a lot of our time was devoted to sourcing new furniture and keeping everything on budget. If you scroll down to the bottom before pictures, you can see the past paint job in this place wasn’t exactly up to par. When the client was away on a business trip we decided to paint the entire main area a snazzy light grey which set the mood for the modern revamp. We were very fortunate to find many great furniture pieces locally which minimized waiting times. After looking at the kitchen after the main paint job, we found the cherry wood didn’t match anything else in the place, including the backsplash. With the help of the client’s family we were able to get all the cabinets painted in a beautiful dark grey which we think came out great! When it came to finishing touches we chose a few dark textured wallpapers (bedroom, powder room) to contrast the light paint colors. We still needed something bold in the dining room but we already had 2 wallpapers and a few framed art walls. Looking for inspiration one night, Sacha looked up some new McDonalds interior designs and with that came the idea to paint the thick line mural. With leftover paint we were able to bring huge impact to that area with a $0 budget.

In the end, we are really happy how it all turned out. We learned a lot on this project and the client was amazing to work with!

If any of you have any questions on the projects and products shown here, don’t hesitate to post a question!

We are available for full design & decor services in the Ottawa area. Please contact leclairdecor@gmail.com if interested!


7 thoughts on “Ogilvie Condo

  1. Wow!!! That is amazing!! I love it! Good job you two! Power couple extraordinaire!!! πŸ™‚ I love the wallpaper in the bedroom, very rich and chic looking. Great work all around! Can’t wait til I own a home and can give you creative license over wherever that may be πŸ˜‰

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