Orleans Bungalow

IMG_5230The initial consultation for this project was a gift from the clients’ son for their wedding anniversary. It was also in other ways an encouragement to refresh their home.

During the first consultation many of our suggestions were met with a heavy hesitation. For a lot of people change can be scary, but once you take the first few steps it can actually be quite exciting.
As the curtains came down and the new paint went up, they became eager to start changing more. All of a sudden wallpaper was being ordered, the new fireplace was going up and new furniture pieces were being sourced. Out with the old, in with the new and smiles all around. We held on to a few pieces that were near and dear to the clients. The dining table and chairs were recovered to have them fit into the new decor and look fantastic. The coffee table, which we love was also kept and adds a great deal of character to the space. We also painted out the large china cabinet and ecstatic how it came out. The key to design is to mix it up. If all your pieces are dark wood your space can feel very heavy and too matchy. You need old and new to create charm, personality and most importantly, contrast.
Scroll to bottom for the before shots!
livining3cabinet fireplace living fireplace2BEFORE Photos:
p1 p4 photo 3

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