Riverside South

As some of you may of have heard through our facebook page, we’ve been working hard on a new Model home contract for local builder Richcraft in Riverside south. We are decorating 4 beautiful single homes and 5 townhouses! We’re still a couple weeks away from completing this huge project but here’s a sneak peak of the shots along the way. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram ( @leclairdecor ) for daily updates!c78d78b8679111e3a478123a40d9842e_8 2c398a767bc011e3b969129a442661d0_8 f6a90fd87c0711e3891b12c6359a3671_8 c1583b1c7d8611e3a84f12dfa62606e4_8 79ded31e7fba11e3895d0ed1495dc6f0_8 f75712ec837111e395531298994147dc_8 de5d7282843311e3b3c00e911c26a798_8 ed0d7840855f11e3ad331242803bf807_8 83a4767486a411e3870e0efcc5f6d7df_8 2f0d7416887611e3bb1912e37358b744_8 898c897c887611e3bee912f9f55f67dd_8 5c4d9b62890811e39e350ecbac9c2ada_8 05de1f36894e11e3bb44125da3cb3f33_8 f75f58ec896811e3a4ae12619af51d38_8 a5c09fd28afd11e3a343120758c0a81e_8 343a8b528c7e11e38c010e55c8a04db3_8 562493148cf311e3bc39120ce0231231_8 7e4d8ca68edd11e3825f0ec2c64041cb_8 6f657cd08f9b11e3b4800e12fd739921_8 7d2c34c8920a11e3be80129f677308a4_8

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