Addison Model: Trailsedge


Earlier this year we were yet again tasked to decorate another 3 model townhouses for Richcraft. We were quite excited about this project as we were finally doing a large project in our end of town. We decorated the other 2 models in our more usual styles of rustic modern and mid century modern. Having previously done the Addison model twice before ( Riverside South and Fernbank Crossing ), one of Richcraft’s most popular models in Ottawa. we challenged ourselves to do something a little different. We created a more traditional look with a pallet of soft neutrals, greens and blues accented with tufted furniture and playful patterns. Enjoy!

IMG_1589 IMG_1587 IMG_1583 IMG_1575 IMG_1572 IMG_1569 IMG_1556Trailsedge_addison4 Trailsedge_addison3 Trailsedge_addison2 Trailsedge_addison

2 thoughts on “Addison Model: Trailsedge

  1. Hi there,

    I know this post is quite old but we purchased this same exact model from Richcraft. can you please let me know where you got the curtains from? Are they custom made? we are looking for curtain that are long enough to sit as you have in the pictures.

    Thank you in advance for any pointers.

    1. Hi! Yes, the tall curtains were custom made. Email us if you’d like more info on making something similar, thanks!

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