Halifax Project Reveal part 2 – Main Floor


The design direction for our Halifax project was all about the lakeside location and our clients’ big move back to the Maritimes in search of that relaxed, coastal lifestyle. If you missed our last blog post about this project, make sure to go back and check it out. This project has a great backstory, which is part of why it was so special for us.

Our clients knew that they were after a coastal vibe, but also that they really wanted to give the house a style update to make it feel fresh, current, and comfortable. Coastal design can lean a little traditional, so we made sure to incorporate the classic elements of the style (whites, blues, soft greys, stripes, natural textures, nautical decor) and layer in some more modern touches to keep things from feeling too buttoned up.

The living room is smack dab in the middle of this home and it has an incredible view of the lake behind the house. This room was going to be TV-free so we knew we wanted to accentuate the view in this space in particular. We created a conversation area around a driftwood inspired coffee table but kept the sofa low profile to preserve as much of the stunning view as possible. It was a long and somewhat narrow room, so we added some beautiful custom millwork at one end which helps to balance the space and is now a great place to display treasures and family photos.




Family RoomLiving Room



The clients saw and fallen in love with a modern wood slab table with black metal legs for the dining room, which provided the perfect opportunity for that mix of modern and classic we were after. We added a trellis pattern rug and a beautiful oversized lantern light fixture to create a space that feels cozy and rich, but still relaxed.



3 Dining Room A.jpg



The transitional spaces in this home are actually some of our favourites. It can be easy to let hallways, entrances, stairways, etc. fall second to the main spaces where you’ll spend most of your time, but the details matter in these spaces too! We replaced the entire stair railing with something something more modern (but still classic) and swapped out the hallways lights with lantern sconces that reference the dining room fixture.



4 Main Landing and Office E



In the front entrance, the brand new extra wide front door does all the talking. It is SUCH a beauty! Paired with large textural tiles, a simple black light fixture (there’s that lantern shape again!) and some fun nautical hooks, the entrance is actually one of my favourite rooms in the home.



1 Front Entrace A1 Front Entrance B



The powder room was small but functional, so we gave it a cosmetic face lift with a new pedestal, faucet, hardware, and light fixture. The wallpaper is the icing on the cake though. We still can’t get enough of this modern coastal pattern. It’s truly perfect for this home.






The clients decided to hold off on a major kitchen remodel, for now, so we gave it a revamp by painting out all the cabinets and replacing the island pendants, cabinet hardware, and appliances. We’re actually pretty thrilled with how it turns out and it just goes to show that you can do a lot to improve a kitchen with paint and smaller upgrades.



Kitchen A



Last but not least on the main floor is the family room. This is right off the living room, separated by the fireplace wall, so it definitely had to flow with the rest of the rooms down here but the clients wanted it to have its own personality and feel a little funkier. They had two requests: a blue sofa, and a gallery wall of their favourite Toronto inspired art. We loved the idea of honouring their first chapter as a family while starting the next and happily obliged. We love how this room turned out.



6 Family Room A

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