The Dylan, Amsterdam

Here is a renovated boutique style hotel in Amsterdam. I love all the different layers and textures they’ve added in the space. Metallic leather headboard, velvet accent chair, marble, wood, linen make it feel sophisticated, yet cozy. The high ceiling helps to create added visual space, so it seems bigger than it is. Β I find modern boutique hotels intriguing. Not knowing what your room will look like is so much more exciting, like opening a present!

source: Dwell

String art

String art is a trendy new way to create your own personalized art. Here the’ve used it to design a tree and add pics of birds. You could make geometric shapes, plants, animals, large or small, do what you will with it, just do it ! (To make it look like framed art paint a dark square or rectangle on the wall and use light string inside it.)

Map art

This is so cool. Love the idea of using sections of a map in frames, to create art and a focal point on the wall. Β The white backdrop really allows it to stand out and the black is the perfect contrast, classic. You could also use a favourite picture or poster blown up and sectioned off. Let your creativity fly and make it personal or inspired.