Full Service Design


Full service is:  New Builds | Renovations | Full Redecorating

Why this service is awesome: it’s tailored to your specific project!

Though we are located in Ottawa we have projects across the country! We love the connection we have with our clients and really look for that trust when taking on new projects!

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To get started please fill out our little Questionnaire! From there if we feel we are the right fit for your project we will set up a complimentary In-studio meeting where you will meet with Melissa and one or two members of our design team.

We are a small team committed to providing excellent, high-end design services to our clients. In order to maintain the quality of our services, we can only take on so many projects at a time and are unfortunately unable to take on every project that comes our way. Please note that after reviewing this initial questionnaire, we may conclude that your project and what we offer simply aren’t a great fit. If that is the case, we’ll kindly let you know as soon as possible and wish you the best of luck in your future projects.

Note: Projects can take up to 6 months or more depending on size and type. We are now booking for project completion in 2019.

Please fill out our little Questionnaire to get started!

The work associated with creating an Initial Project Plan to provide an accurate quote (the design draft, estimated budget and the general scope of work) and for both parties to fully understand the details of the project is extensive and therefore billable. Prior to beginning, a full decorating project $750 +hst will be due. Prior to beginning, a combination or renovation $1500 +hst is due.

(Large-scale projects may be subject to a higher amount).

Our industry is visual, which means we love to take and share pictures! We ask our full-service clients to a) sign a media release for documentation throughout and b) allow us to conduct a formal photoshoot once their space is complete. Who doesn’t want magazine worthy photos of their home?!